Movies on the plane…

I’m flying back from new zealand. It looks like I might have some time on my own now. I mean some real time, extended time with no work. I saw two powerful movies, 13 going on 30 which made me miss sara and raising hellen which made me realize that it’s time to have a family.

Let me talk about them separately:

13 goin on 30:

Was about a 13y/o who suddenly turned 30 and still acts like a teenager. I saw it and much of it reminded me of me. Time is constantly progressing and I need to progress with it. I’ve got the career/money part down. Most importantly I can make that anytime, the wife/kids though is a bit different, the older I get the harder it will be.

I’m determined to get out there and meet my future wife now:)

Also i’m partly sad when i realize how great Sara was and also realize how some smart guy realized that and will be the one getting married to her, not me. How could i have been stupid enough to let her slip away

Raising Hellen:

Was about a career minded single professional who inherits her dead sisters there kids. Seeing her “attempt” at raising them I totally saw alot of the teenage me in them. As a teenager I never really understood why my mom seemed so “mean” and wouldn’t let me do certain things. I hated her so much for that, however now that i’m older and could be onthe other side of the table shortly, I realize she just did it for my best interest with all the info she had available.

One thought on “Movies on the plane…”

  1. Es increíble como es posible conocer a alguien a taves de sus escritos =)… me da gusto saber que existen personas como usted con tanta sensibilidad ante pequeños e imperceptibles sucesos, como por ejemplo una simple pelicula!!!

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