trade notes

I just stayed up all night to trade.

lessons learned:

1)trade blocks in line with volume for the time/day (ie, no big blocks after lunch on friday)
2)related to #1, don’t get hung up over commissions
3)be patient, let the trade come to you, not vice versa (ie chase the trade)
4)related to #3, don’t let your emotions rule you
5)look for the general price tides, there are only a handful per day, sometimes only one
a)try to get the macro trends, 1-5 per day

First blog post:)

I really wish I had started this formally a long time ago.  I had infact tried, but it wasn’t a good process and i continue to lose the file(s).

Now though I’m going to try to make this “journal”  a regular thing.

Ok, just to bring the reader up to speed on my current situation.  I’m here in new zealand, got here about 4 days ago doing a hardware mag update.  Yesterday I went rock climbing with yibai, the MAG operations guy, and after my climb, getting ready to beley him, I passed out!  Next thing I knew I was in an ambulance with only a partial memory, infact I though I was on the way to go climb.  Once there they did a workup including and ekg (I must mention how attractive the blonde nurse was;).  Everything seemed fine I suppose and I was released to Yibai’s care.  He took me back to my hotel and I had dinner with Phil and his family.  The whole experience was a bit scary for me mainly because I couldn’t remember certain short term events.

Today, a day later, I think I’m fine (though did get a darn cold).