Psyc HW: Self-Assessment

Occupation & School

I’ve excelled in quantity over quality in both of these areas.
For example, I’ve been comfortable switching jobs (so I’ve had man) also with negotiating lots.  Therefore, although my skill set is good, it’s probably not inline with my high compensation at work.
In college I rarely did stellar in any classes or semesters.  I averaged a pretty consistent 3.0.  Over my 9 semesters/172 credits my GPA was in a fairly tight range of 2.7 to 3.2.  Rather then mastery of any one class, I instead took many classes.
In summary I could have focused and applied myself to a smaller number of courses and done very well in each of those rather then spreading efforts over a diverse course load; or stuck with fewer jobs and worked hard to become an expert in my respective field.

Social & Interpersonal

Socially I… am friendly with others.  Among those I’m more familiar with I can be very opinionated.  I’m also very comfortable with being different or independent/alone.

Beliefs, Values & Attitudes

Religion doesn’t play a very string role in my life.  My sense of right and wrong are loosely based on my catholic upbringings, however they are more influenced on my own logical concepts, largely derived from common sense thinking.  I value fairly typical ideals/beliefs in my society including, freedom of expression/choice, social/environmental responsibility, open communication, socialist tendencies, success, perseverance, and discipline.

Physical Description

My father is Chinese/Thai and my mother is English/German.  I stand 5’7” and weigh around 160lbs.  I have dark hair and eyes.  My attire varies from business casual to casual.  My build might be considered athletic and I have a fairly clean/neat appearance.

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