So busy, but got pics!

Since I’ve gotten back from my trip, I’ve been crazy busy, but my travel pictures are finally here, well a start anyway. I still need to post more from India, Dubai, and Thailand.

I wrote the code for this photo gallery system from scratch, In the next few days I’ll be adding more functionality, one big bonus is keyboard support. You can change galleries with the right/left arrow keys and change pictures with the up/down keys. Also, to compensate for slower connections, I’ve made a play mode. As soon as the next image is ready it will switch when in play mode. Activate play mode via the ENTER button on the keyboard. Have a look at here. Suggestions are always welcome 🙂

“I walk paths trail-blazed by extraordinary (thinkers/visionaries/men of action)”

I just had the fortune of watching a documentary about Nelson Mandela called Goodbye Bafana.  It reminds me of the extraordinary will power of special individuals who with to make change through their perseverence to what they believe, at total risk to their own well being.  These great men, people like Ghandi, Nelson Mandla are a true instiration to others.

I can only hope to find such a cause I’m passionate about in the same way and could only aspire to reach their level of change through sacrifice.and determination.
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Hui Hin and family reunion

I arrived in Hui Hin last night and meet up with family that I haven’t seen in years.  I was reminded of just how important family is.  They unconditionally love you and the bond shared by family members is unparalleled.

We had dinner at my cousins house.  I must admit, I was totally embarrased by my inability to speak thai.  Many members of my family speak english, though many remember me as a child who could speak thai fluently.

Before coming down, I was told my aunt was going to make me reservations in a nice hotel in Hui Hin.  Later I was told that they were all booked up and that I would be staying at a cousins house.  I must be honest, the prospect of a nice hotel to my cousins house (unknown at the time) was a bit disheartening.  However once I got the, my anxiety was quickly put to rest.  He not only had a room for me, he let me stay at the guest house, which had the design of a modern New York apartment.  The design was great, all done by my cousin, impressive.  I’ll need to post a few pics 🙂

Dubai to Bangalore to Bangkok in 3 days :P

So I departed Dubai at 930pm, to arrive at Bangalore at 3:30am, slept from 5 till 8:30am, then worked till 6pm, then on another plane to Bangkok at 12:30am to arrive at 5:50am, then a full day meeting with family and seeing some of thailand before hitting balls at the driving range. I think I’ve slept a total of 4.5 hours in the past 3 days. Tomorrow I am up at 4:30am to leave by 5:15 on the way to the golf course. Talk about hectic.

I’m a bit worried about playing golf tomorrow, the guys I’m going to play with have been playing regularly twice a week for the last 8 months straight. My dad is like near pro, so they probably have high expectations of me 😦 Oh well, it should be funny at least:)

It turns out my cousin is a pretty big businessman. I’m staying in one of his new condo’s right now. When I got here it was brand new w/o anything like a microwave, fridge, sheets, trashcan, etc. Nothing. Then he sent people to stock it and it’s pretty much done, all I need is the refrigerator which will be here tomorrow at 3pm. Hey started a software comany called Solutions Corner ( and it’s doing quite well. It seems nearly ever member of my dads (very extensive) family has started a company!

Dubai Trip: part3

I work up to the sun shinning through my open curtains, about 15mins before my alarm. After getting ready I headed over to one of the cafes for breakfast.   When I saw the spread I thought, wow, this is a lot for a hotels complementary breakfast. After having my fill, I was greated by a waitress on my way out who curtiously handed me the bill. Ok no biggy, or so I thought. the bill was 65darhmas or nearly 20 dollars.
Anyway that darn city but arrived early again, apparently my 20min was just a moment too late.


I just finished touring the museum. Most of it is underground and it is quite nice. after going over a lot of the uae history I realize how far its come. First it was a perl fishing area, which declined impacted once cultured perl began. Next the creek was combed and oil was found. Now oil is running out and Dubai is going after tourism. the excellent international marketing combined with the free trade policies and the central location make it a popular destination in the area.


I just finished my last leg of todays tour, the boat ride along dubai creek. the comentary that accompanied the tour was quite interesting. Its called a creek because that’s what it was, supposidly you could walk across it at one time. Though a king had it made much larger and how huge boats carrying tons of cargo can pass through. Eight or nine hours in the 120 degree weather can certainly drain your energy.

Dubai Trip: part2

I just got back from the big bus, the blue line. I was astounded even more by the magnitude of building going on here. They will have a theme park twice the size of disney world, a metro by 2012, the largest mall in the world (currently have the third), I just inquired with a real estate agent and a two beadroom apartment goes for 380k and is about 1200sf, a 3 br one for nearly 600k. The setup is such that you can lease it pack to a property manager for 40% of the revenue. They currently offer a 8% return minimum guarentee for the first 3 years.

I met a few english girls who just had just visited Goa. Infact they where there a week after me. We will we meeting later tonight at a club called Mix at the Grand Hyatt.