“I walk paths trail-blazed by extraordinary (thinkers/visionaries/men of action)”

I just had the fortune of watching a documentary about Nelson Mandela called Goodbye Bafana.  It reminds me of the extraordinary will power of special individuals who with to make change through their perseverence to what they believe, at total risk to their own well being.  These great men, people like Ghandi, Nelson Mandla are a true instiration to others.

I can only hope to find such a cause I’m passionate about in the same way and could only aspire to reach their level of change through sacrifice.and determination.

I must live my life with a constant direction to help improve those around me and somehow help my fellow man.  I must put aside my own greedy actions born of human nature and look to a higher level of thought.

I shall start this new (long overdue journey) by defining rules for consideration in life and doing my best to adhere to them.:

#1) Try to take nothing for granted
#2) Love others as they are your brother, no matter their situation/behavior
#3) Try to avoid living my life through blinders, working only for self benefit.
#4) Learn patience for things outside of my control
#5) Share my ideas/teachings with others.
#6) Be considerate of the thoughts and feelings of others

I have recently been so full of emotions lately, I don’t quite understand why.  It could be varous forces working together.  Things like age, the solidarity of independent, regional experiences like religion, seeing my dad for the first time in 15yrs, getting to know my cousin and his life in Bangkok….  Although I can not see the direct reason, I certainly feel a heightened sense of emotion.  I only hope that this will be more then a temporary passing or a whim.  I hope to feel compassion for others  and a devotion to help others for every moment of my life.

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