From Mercedes to Huffys :)

What a weekend. Things started off on Saturday morning when Linton got to my house to go to the Mercedes C Drive event in DC. Thanks goodness for nav, cause it wasn’t the easiest place to find as Venkat will attest to 🙂 Anyway, there we met up with Pete and Venkat arrived a bit later, but just in time to jump in the last car of our group for the city drive. Basically it was a follow the leader setup where we drove C-class Mercedes, most with AMG engines through DC.

That was fun, but the real excitement came after taking a bus to the second course, an autocross track. After instructions, we all got two laps around a course. The first to get a feel for the track, the second to go all out. I must admit, I wish they has timers like the Mazda event last year, but in all, it was fun (no cones were injured this time 🙂

Sunday a few of use went biking on a trail Lindsay told us about. It was quite tame, but ended in a visit to the park nature center which was quite informative.

Here are some pics: