First Grade from Fall 07 Semester

Ok, so I’m taking a few classes at the local community college and my first class ended today, it was a short 4 week class. Yes, it was fun, but don’t let the title fool ya, it was alotta work. Golf 🙂 My instructor was great, infact he was so hard on us that I actually dropped the class, mid semester, only I did it so late, that the system immediately gave me an ‘F.’

Luckily I talked to admissions and they said, with the professors permission, they could take back the drop attempt. I’m by no means a bad student, I had attended all classes but one, because of work, and I missed the first two classes, because i wasn’t yet registered (a class like that fills up fast: ). I had also practiced lots and wrote up my practice sessions. Turns out that I did well on the final exam and Chip, the instructor, quickly mailed out grades today. Somehow my work paid off and I got an ‘A’. You might think, but it’s golf. Well apparently his grading distribution matches all the other classes at the college.

Last semester I also took a bunch of classes.  It wasn’t until I noticed on a google search that I got A’s in all of them as well (apparently the college publishes students who get 4.0’s).  I took Federal Tax Accounting, Psychology, Spanish and a GMAT prep class. To be honest, it’s not really fair since i’ve already gotten 172 credit’s from Univ of MD, so to get b’s or c’s would be a disgrace.  One more class this semester, hopefully i didn’t jinx myself:)

Updated WordPress Image Viewer

Hey Everyone. So I uploaded a few images in some of my other posts and was unhappy with how WordPress showed them. WordPress only gives two two choices, upload the image and have the thumbnail link to just the picture, or to a whole new page with just one picture. Both options have drawbacks. My first thought was to simply have the thumbnail link open a new window, then i remembered the browser warning associated with Javascript opening new windows. So, I’ll just do it the not quite as easy way. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not hard, just not as easy as adding an attribute to the link. Continue reading “Updated WordPress Image Viewer”


So, in preparation for the event on Nov 4th, Shawn got a few of us together for a skirmish on Saturday. It was great to play again, the rush just before the start is great. Once the whistle blows you’re running like mad to your first bunker while paintballs wiz by. Hopefully you’re talking to your teammates and moving in a concerted effort, lots of leapfrogging.
Here are some pics: