Guide to a Clean Windows XP Install (draft)

Ok, so, although I’ve migrated to a Mac, I still have a windows pc which, if you read my last post, you’ll know I still use for a few games:) Since I was installing windows on a new machine, i decided to document the install so others might follow similar steps for a clean/fast install of their own. Bear in mind, these are the settings that work best for me, feel free to skip any of the steps and certainly leave me some comments:) Continue reading “Guide to a Clean Windows XP Install (draft)”

Video Upgrade, GeForce 8400gs

Ok, if you’ve read my last post, you know I’ve been working on upgrading this little dell I got on ebay for peanuts. I’ve worked through most issues, but one. The crappy integrated video. This is important, the ONLY reason I’d run windows, is for it’s gaming. Sadly linux and osx (my preferred platforms) have little true gaming support. Not that I play games much anymore, but there are 3 in particular that i’ve had my eye on, starcraft2, Unreal Tournament3, Crysis. None are out yet, but demos of the last two are. And of course, they didn’t have a prayer of running with the integrated video. Continue reading “Video Upgrade, GeForce 8400gs”

Time for a Digression, the Geeky Kind :P

Ok, so the DIY/tweeker side of me strikes again 😛

I got a dell super cheap on ebay and decided to hook it up a bit. The two qualities I looked for most were power consumption and size. Luckily I found a tiny one with speedstep. It’s small enough to fit on my desk and thanks to the speedstep, the cooling fans aren’t loud at all. Only problem, well there are three, no make that four:) No burner, only 512megs of ram, the video is integrated and only allows 1 or 8meg allocation (could hardly believe that one), and last, the hard drive is only 80gigs. There is one other negative, it’s a dell. Being a former custom PC builder, I turn my nose up at them, though, money talks and for the price I paid, i could hardly buy windows and a case. Continue reading “Time for a Digression, the Geeky Kind :P”