A few pictures of “mi casa”

In playing with a new 8gig SD card, I took some pics with my SD720 around the house. I also found some old photos of my place before I painted. This layout has issues with picture placement, I’m aware of them, but I’m not going to fix it since my new layout works fine with it. Hopefully I’ll finish the new layout this weekend 🙂
My Bedroom

Guest Room 1
guest room
kitchen beforekitchen1 after
Living Room
living room beforeliving room1 afterliving room2 after


Things I Wish Someone had Told me

This morning, I reflected on a few things that I’ve come to realize over the last few days that took me time to learn. I thought to myself, man, if someone had told me ‘x’ I wouldn’t have made mistake ‘y.’ 😛

Granted, I realize that it takes the experience itself to fully grasp the concept/lesson, though even learning from others is better than not learning at all, and certainly less costly then learning by mistakes. So I’m hoping my reflections can help put things in perspective and benefit others.

I realized that there are many things I learn over the course of time that come from diverse areas so I’ve decided to dedicate a page to them. Nothing in particular, just general things I’ve come to realize. I welcome your contributions as well. Hopefully the things I write and you submit can be applied to the general person, though I realize this will not always be the case and will try to be diligent not focusing on my situation in particular.

Ok, I’m in the midst of redoing the layout of my site, so rather then create a separate page now, I’ll make a simple blog post to kick things off. Baby steps right? Continue reading “Things I Wish Someone had Told me”

Updated Photo Gallery…

While out in Latin America, I noticed that the photo gallery, while awesome ;), didn’t give users an indication of when pictures were loading. I never noticed this here since my connection is quite fast and the pictures loading quickly. However in Colombia, the pictures would sometimes takes seconds to load.

So, last night I made an update to the gallery. When pictures are loading, I now show an activity indicator. Also when galleries are in “play mode” (via the ENTER button), there is a running green indicator.

Try it out, I’ve tested mainly on my mac so if you’ve got a windows PC, I’d luv to hear how it works for you. Also, any suggestions would be appreciated.

New Years in Cali…

club1club2Where do I start : ) Well the night before I was out practicing my salsa at a local club.
I must admit, these pictures were taken with my cell phone, hence the poor quality 🙂 Hey, you’ve gotta make the best with what you’ve got right? ; )

On New Years I went over a friends house and had a great time, thanks Ximena! Let me start by contrasting the experience with New Years back in the states. Rather then spending it with just family and friends, everyone goes outside and celebrates it with the entire neighborhood. Lots of drinks, dancing, meeting interesting people from down the street and a great tradition.
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