Things I Wish Someone had Told me

This morning, I reflected on a few things that I’ve come to realize over the last few days that took me time to learn. I thought to myself, man, if someone had told me ‘x’ I wouldn’t have made mistake ‘y.’ 😛

Granted, I realize that it takes the experience itself to fully grasp the concept/lesson, though even learning from others is better than not learning at all, and certainly less costly then learning by mistakes. So I’m hoping my reflections can help put things in perspective and benefit others.

I realized that there are many things I learn over the course of time that come from diverse areas so I’ve decided to dedicate a page to them. Nothing in particular, just general things I’ve come to realize. I welcome your contributions as well. Hopefully the things I write and you submit can be applied to the general person, though I realize this will not always be the case and will try to be diligent not focusing on my situation in particular.

Ok, I’m in the midst of redoing the layout of my site, so rather then create a separate page now, I’ll make a simple blog post to kick things off. Baby steps right?

This first point I believe is very important and relates to many of the other points to follow.

Timing as it relates to stages of life. It’s not just about getting things in life, it’s about getting them at the right times in life to properly appreciate them. For example, people often spend time looking for that special significant other. However, even if they find that “perfect person” unless they are at the right point in their life, they might let the opportunity pass by. In this case (involving another person) it’s even more difficult, not only do the you have to be compatible with him/her and vice versa, but they also have to be at that same life-point else they’ll make the same mistake you would have. If two people meet, lets say they have a 1/2 chance of being single, then another 1/12 of being physically/personality/lifestyle compatible, then another 1/5 of being life-point compatible. That means the chances that they’ve just met your soul mate are (1/2)^2 * (1/12)^2 * (1/5)^2 = .00694% or one in 14,400 give or take a few thousand ; )

To further illustrate this point, lets take a typical guy, dating age, good looking, and single. Let say he’s… 22 just finishing college. He’s probably dating, but his main priority is probably on getting a good job, or if he’s already got one he’s working hard to learn the job and gunning for a promotion. Is he at the right life-point? Probably not, sure he’s single and probably dating, but is marriage a very high priority? No… he has time right? Right now he’s about having fun and building his career. Lets say he runs into that “highly compatible” person. They date, even assuming she is ready for something serious (at the right life-point for eventual marriage), he takes things for granted and doesn’t take things seriously. She eventually slips away and continues his life looking for another (1/2)^2 by (1/12)^2 girl. He doesn’t realize how rare that person is and how he just let her slip away just because he wasn’t at the right (1/5) life-point yet.

Where should you live?

Worst Mistake(s) in life. Taking things you have for granted.

One thought on “Things I Wish Someone had Told me”

  1. Interesting views. I think you’ve made some valid statements. Of course it would be you to figure out some statistics or percentages…. thinking a bit too much, huh!?

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