A few pictures of “mi casa”

In playing with a new 8gig SD card, I took some pics with my SD720 around the house. I also found some old photos of my place before I painted. This layout has issues with picture placement, I’m aware of them, but I’m not going to fix it since my new layout works fine with it. Hopefully I’ll finish the new layout this weekend 🙂
My Bedroom

Guest Room 1
guest room
kitchen beforekitchen1 after
Living Room
living room beforeliving room1 afterliving room2 after

4 thoughts on “A few pictures of “mi casa””

  1. Oh.. Wow… Nice… So when do I get to come over? Huh? I will take your room. You can have the guest room. Sound good? Yeah, I thought so too! So is this weekend lookin good for ya?! Haha! Love ya!

  2. sounds like you’ve become quite the “ladies man” rofl why’d you delete me off myspace?? and you havent changed anything!!! lol ttyl 🙂

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