How are you doing? … relative to what?

Past experiences and habits really do have an influence on future accomplishments. I’m sure you are thinking, “That’s probably pretty obvious,” and I agree, though lately I’ve been thinking of this and see more and more concrete examples of this in real life. Continue reading “How are you doing? … relative to what?”

Single Interface to Multiple Systems

This article is for those people who want to share input/output from the keyboard/mouse/monitor(s) among multiple systems.

There are two new tools I recently uncovered which I find quite useful. The first is full remote desktop sharing software. The second is input sharing, specifically using the keyboard/mouse among multiple computers with separate displays. Continue reading “Single Interface to Multiple Systems”

Ruby on Rails with RMagick, a breeze to install on Leopard

Ok, so I started my Rails work with Tiger and painfully used rails to get RoR setup with RMagick.

I did the same thing on Leopard, and it also ended up being a pain. However, after some expiremention I’ve decided to roll with the preinstalled RoR that comes with Leopard rather then installing everything with ports. I’ve also got the RMagic install down to only four steps:)

Assumptions: you are running Leopard, you have already installed xCode, and you have Mac Ports.

– sudo port install tiff -macosx

– sudo port install ImageMagick

– sudo ln -s /opt/local/lib/libMagick++.dylib /opt/local/lib/libmagick.dylib

– sudo gem install rmagick


Things I wish Someone had Told me: Part 2

I’ve taken some heat for my last post, everyone seems to get caught up on me using numbers in my example. It was only to help get my point across as to just how rare it is for two people who are compatible with each other to actually meet at the right time in their lives.

So what’s next, well on the same thread as the earlier post, stages in life, I’ll talk about another realization I had recently in my own life.
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IE 6, what a pain in the _ss

Ok, any developer will tell you, IE6 can be a real hassle to develop for. Now I’ve certainly made my share of concessions, so another IE6 work around is nothing new. Having gotten used to more standards based browsers, I constantly think, why is IE so freaking popular! But alias, it is, so I have to support it.
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Unified Calling & Possible Free Incoming Calls :)

Ok, I want to share a service I’ve been using for a while after my VOIP service (Sunrocket) shutdown. Actually there are two services which can be used separately of if combined are great. You can get free incoming phone service to your house land line.

The first is from GrandCentral, a company aquired by Google. GrandCentral allows users to pick a local number, then add all their contact numbers to that account. You can add your mobile, house, office, etc. When someone calls your the GrandCentral number you have selected, all your phones will ring. It also handles voicemail, and you get a log of all your calls. In addition you can listen to your voicemails online, as well as record calls. It is a great service, check it out.
gizmoThe next service you should check out is GizmoProject. I think it was named after the Gizmo VOIP hardware that came with Sunrocket Service. The Gizmo Project, GP for short, allows you to make voip calls from your computer. I know, I know, there are other VOIP services out there like Skype. True, but with GP, not only do you get an actual phone number and can receive unlimited calls from landlines, but you can also use your Gizmo device to make/recieve calls from your house phone itself.

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