My Trip to London

I returned on thursday morning after spending almost a week in the UK. Although it was a short trip, the work / sightseeing mix was just right. The great company also helped. For those of you who didn’t know, the purpose of the trip was the London Book Fair, which my cousin had a booth to represent a new product his company is working on. Due to the size of the fair, apparently the largest book fair in the world, I will dedicate a separate post to it. This post will focus on the sightseeing. Feel free to check out my travel gallery on the right for all my UK pictures.
open top bus
We started the weekend on a open top bus tour where we listened to information via earphones and experienced the brisk London weather.
trafalgar squareThe bus went through the famous Trafalgar Square, which commemorates the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. Lord Nelson stands on the column in the middle surrounded by four lions.
group picture infront of the lionHere is most of the SLC team, that’s me above, my cousin Nitat on the left, followed by Sam, Eric, Nina, and Ann 🙂 I must say thanks to Ann, she was the London native and certainly took care of us while we were there including getting me tickets to a premier league game, Chelsea, ranked #2, against Wigan.
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My opinion of: companies, why people don’t always give 100% at work, and the effect of passion on success.

Companies are entities founded for the purpose of making money for their stakeholders, including employees. They are often complex, beyond the typical revenue generating activities that they are associated with. They employ revenue enabling resources like accountants, lawyers, marketers, cleaning staff, security guards, etc.

For many, these activies are considered fluff, or “overhead.” Sure companies have them, but how effective are they? Are they simply added beurocracy to justify being a bonified “company”? Why should the money I make in my revenue generating work go to anyone else but me? How confident am I that the money is being spent efficiently? For most of us, their activies are unknown and therefore not fully justified in our minds.

This leads to the believe that the person could do x, y, and z better themselves, without the seemingly unnecessary overhead of the other business layers. Often they can generate revenue themselves on their own, though eventually they too will hire all those supplementary resources as their venture grows. Continue reading “My opinion of: companies, why people don’t always give 100% at work, and the effect of passion on success.”