From Evolution to “The Bucket List” ;)

I sat next to a virologist on my flight to Bejing and we began speaking of genetics, then viruses and it set me on an enlightening train of thought. I travel to Thailand to visit my father who is very sick. After viruses, we spoke of cancer and I conveyed my understanding of cancer as a cellular process by which one random cell, though some fluke, has a variation and though the normal process of mitosis, splits to new cells, also with this genetic anomoly. As this process repeats, soon these mutant cells become more then a localized variation of a few cells. Eventually this occurrence matures to cancer. Continue reading “From Evolution to “The Bucket List” ;)”


Mac: Using Apache & PHP already built into Leopard

Having used Leopard’s built in Ruby on Rails, I heard that the Apple guys also bundled Apache with PHP5. Here’s a quickstart on setting up and using them:
:update, where u see vi, you can replace with pico (a more friendly editor) if you don’t know vi, most commands in pick start with holding the control button. Continue reading “Mac: Using Apache & PHP already built into Leopard”

The day has come… so long Ruby, welcome back PHP

Man, where do I start. Well I’ve come to the realization that many others have and that is that Ruby just doesn’t scale as easily as other available languages nor does it have the polished feel of something like Java or C. Sure, it is much faster to develop with, when you’re not debugging that is. For someone that wants a fast, out of the box framework well wired to object oriented database hooks and MVC it is the way to go, though doing really custom things can be fairly obscure. Over the last few days I’ve been using RMagick lots and it’s been quite frustrating to have things hang where I should be getting error messages.

Long story short, I continue Ruby with my work on AIM Photos at AOL, however my personal stuff I’m moving to PHP with an equivalent rails framework. Two likely candidates are trax and symfony.

During my evaluations I read a great quote by another developer switching back to PHP, he said, “PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES ARE LIKE GIRLFRIENDS: THE NEW ONE IS BETTER BECAUSE *YOU* ARE BETTER.” How true are both of those statements. The basic point is that you learn so much from the past relationship that you come better prepared for the next one.

If Java was more supported by shared hosts, I’d jump back on the Struts boat, though for my personal work, PHP should do fine. Now I need to switch from Netbeans back to Eclipse, and dreamhost back to 1and1, oh joy 🙂 Similar to a new GF, who brings her own baggage and family, you need to accept and try for a successful integration.

The London Book Fair

Ok, I know I’ve been back for a while, but I’ve been accumulating things to blog about so, before I talk about todays latest and greatest, let me talk about the LBF that I attended in the second half of my London trip.

First off, it was huge, supposedly the largest book fair in the world. I have a few more coming up so I’ll be the judge, though I doubt this one will be topped.

The company got a decent size booth in the back. At first I thought it was a terrible location though changed my mind when I realized first that rather then other booths directly in front of us, we had a cafe/meeting place area, second, by the time people got to our area they actually listened to what we were saying rather then just grabing a few freebies and moving on to the next row of booths (since there really were no others:).

One morning I arrived before the general public was allowed in and snapped a few pictures, some of the booths were truly impressive.