The London Book Fair

Ok, I know I’ve been back for a while, but I’ve been accumulating things to blog about so, before I talk about todays latest and greatest, let me talk about the LBF that I attended in the second half of my London trip.

First off, it was huge, supposedly the largest book fair in the world. I have a few more coming up so I’ll be the judge, though I doubt this one will be topped.

The company got a decent size booth in the back. At first I thought it was a terrible location though changed my mind when I realized first that rather then other booths directly in front of us, we had a cafe/meeting place area, second, by the time people got to our area they actually listened to what we were saying rather then just grabing a few freebies and moving on to the next row of booths (since there really were no others:).

One morning I arrived before the general public was allowed in and snapped a few pictures, some of the booths were truly impressive.

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