Projects Around the House

Its seems each year I’ve got something going on around the house 🙂 After all my traveling, I’ve had some time to get to a few things. In the last two weeks I’ve changed a shower rod/curtain, installed a cabinet in a bathroom, and gave my deck some much needed attention by resurfacing it. The deck turned out great, later that day it rained and seeing the water bead up put a smile on my face:) Last, I’m reaping the benefits of work done two summer ago, here’s a few shots of my perennials.

Upgrade the shower rod to the curved type:

Install new cabinet in bathroom (notice the modification ; ):
Deck Before:
Deck After:

3 thoughts on “Projects Around the House”

  1. Looking Good!
    I love the flowers, they’re gorgeous.

    Keep it up and might just have more reasons to drop by!

  2. Awe look at my little handy man’s work. Lol. I told you I would check it out, and I did. You did a beautiful job! I am so proud of my little Paul.

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