Google further differentiates itself

Wow, as I consider ways websites try to build competitive advantages that are not easily replicated, one of the biggest leverages their size/money to create another advantage.  Here’s another brilliant move by Google, read the AP article here.

They’ve launched a Satellite into space today to capture imagery data, better then their current provider.

I was listening to a podcast about Google in Asia and wasn’t sure how well they might compare with local search companies like Bidu going forward.  Well, rather then indexing the data of others for search, they are gaining an important data source themselves that will certainly provide another strong competitive advantage.

The last one came last week in the form of a web browser, Chrome.  Many were quick to point out its inability to drive revenue and that it wasn’t necessary in a world of IE’s, Firefox’s, Safari’s, etc., however it further adds capabilities/opportunities to an emerging company who could use it to springboard into other business areas like office, desktop, even OS.


Domain Registration Experience

Ok, I think most tech guys people have a handful of domains registered.  Ya never know when you might actually get the time to use one right?  Well I’ve registered quite a few over the years, unfortunately not all in the same place, and not all updated before their expiration 🙂 Continue reading “Domain Registration Experience”