Soapbox race in San Francisco 2008

The big event this weekend was the Soapbox race sponsored by Red Bull in Dolores Park.  There were some 75k people there and 35 soapbox cars.  We got there after maybe the 3-4 car started and I stayed till the end.  There were tons of people there and maybe 4 big displays mirroring the event.  I was able to shoot decent video from a few of them, though the last one didn’t turn out well at all, but was my favorite skit/run put together by the Star War’s team.  Here are a few pictures of the event, along with a video I uploaded to YouTube.

Fleet Week + Burning Man Decompression :)

Last sunday Ron and I walked over to Fleet Week, it’s an airshow at the waterfront that happens ever year.  It ran all week and we often saw and heard planes flying overhead while at work.  Once there, we meet up with another friend Damon, at the marina, who introduced us to some Japanese friends of his who were drinking/cooking on their boat.  Teriyaki beef with mexican beer:P

After picking up Rons car, we went over to the Burning Man Decompression. I’ve always hear friends talk about this desert event and was interested in seeing what BM was all about, albient in the city and a much smaller version:)  Yeap, lots of interesting costumes and pryo :p

Here are some preview pictures (click continue reading for the rest):

Cantor Museum

Yesterday I took the CalTrain over to Stanford’s campus and visited the Cantor Museum.  The museum holds many of the works created by Auguste Rodin a french sculptor, donated by B. Gerald Cantor a philenthropic businessman from New York.  The museum also contains donations from the Stanford family as well as information on the tragic depth of their son Leland Jr.  Here are a few images from the visit: Continue reading “Cantor Museum”

Only in San Francisco :)

The Love Fest just when I thought I’d seen it all 😉 If I had been to woodstock, I’m sure it would have been similar to this, albeit a few more drugs :p My friend Joyce called me in the morning and we went around lunch time. It was surprisingly close to my house and easy enough to find, just follow the music:) This city certainly has a life/culture of it’s own. Here are a few pictures: Continue reading “Only in San Francisco :)”

New place in San Fran

Well I arrived on tuesday, to start my first day of work here at Bebo on wednesday 🙂

After taking the Bart from the airport and walking a few blocks, I arrived at Bayside Village.  As far as corporate appartments go, I must admit I was pretty dissapointed with the inside of my apartment.  I guess I’ve gotten used to things like corian countertops, walk in closets, hardwood floors, etc. from my house in DC, or my last corporate apartment in KC.  All that aside, the location is really all that matters, and that is superb.  On the short walk to work I pass the Giants stadium, a borders, whole foods, great resturants, a museum, caltrain station, zipcar lot…  Here are a few quick pictures upon my arrival: