The Only Constant in Life, is Change….

A week, like any other, full of change.  At then end of the week, I spent some time reflecting on things and realized just how busy I was and how, because of the changes, how stressful it seemed.  When compared with other weeks, I realized that it was only more of the same. Continue reading “The Only Constant in Life, is Change….”


Macworld 2009

One advantage of being in, arguably, the tech capital of the world, are the conferences.  This week the Moscone center hosted Macworld 2009.  Luckily AOL was a big sponsor so I got free tickets 😉  I’ve been to many conferences last year through my cousins company, and others through AOL, that Macworld didn’t carry much luster to be honest.  It was pretty typical and unfortunately I didn’t have time to visit many of the breakout sessions.  When I heard Apple wasn’t going to participate in next years conference I was shocked, after all, every company/product in attendance was build for or because of Apple.  I feel like they left their main supporters out in the cold.  Unfortunately it feels like Apple has so much going for it, what it can do whatever it wants.  As if they are so far beyond their competitors that they do not need to do the little things, like support trade shows for mac-centric vendors or give iPhone users copy/paste.  Anyway, here are pictures of the conference: