From West to East

After skiing out west at Lake Tahoe I decided to see just how different the conditions where back east at a resort I used to frequent in Pennsylvania called Whitetail. I have to admit that I skied at Tahoe a day after they got lots of new snow, Whitetail however… didn’t have much snow. Even with more snow, it seemed like the snow out west was… “fluffier.” Maybe it has to do with the extra humidity back east vs dry conditions out west. You can hear the ice scraping under the boards.

Anyway, the first clip is my friend Will Kern shooting me, the second is me shooting his run. Keep in mind, this was the first day using my iPhone to record video. Too much movement I know:)

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Snowboarding in Tahoe ;)

So, thanks to my good friend Jim, who’s currently in Colombia, I had a nice place to stay in the Lake Tahoe area.  My brother was flying in for a wedding later in the week, so we decided to catch up last weekend and see what this “west” snow is all about.  Having snowboarded on the east coast the last few years, I often heard about how much better the conditions were out west.

We arrived in Truckee on saturday after a 3 hour drive.  Sunday we had breakfast there in Truckee, then a huge lunch in Reno.  While there we played a bit of blackjack.  I used basic strategy and managed to make $15 on the $40 I started with.  I joked with Peter saying, “I’m hungry, we’d better go make some money so we can pay for lunch.” 🙂  The great thing about gambling area’s like Reno or Vegas is that aside from gambling, everything else is cheap, especially the food 🙂 Continue reading “Snowboarding in Tahoe ;)”