More iPhone bball vids, including Gregs Debut

Another brisk day in sunny, San Francisco 🙂  More iPhone videos with another tip, when editing video with iMove, from an iPhone, don’t create a new project with the iphone 3:2 aspect ratio if you intend to upload to YouTube.  Save with 16:9 so that you can use the HD picture settings provided by YouTube for higher quality.  Yesterday’s clip I saved in that format, you’ll notice how much more clear it is then Saturdays clip below (click continue reading).

Also I’m happy to say, the first OneTaste resident came out to play a few games today, Greg.  He mentioned that he played organized basketball before, and he certainly lived up to expectations.  The first game he and I won, alot to a little 🙂  The second, we split teams, to make things more fair :p

Also, you’ll noticed unlike the video I posted before with just my shots, this one includes every shot made, regardless of the originator.

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Using iMovie09 with iphone video capture:)

I took some video I shot after work on friday to make this first clip using iMovie rather then my previous (free) program, avidemux2_gtk. Also I learned that you can embed higher quality youtube videos by adding ‘&ap=%2526fmt%3D18’ to both values of your movie url values in the embed block (“param value” and “embed src”) click continue reading to see the difference.

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