Independance Day in Sacramento

I spend the weekend hanging out with a good friend I met in Colombia who lives just west of me.  Not having my car out here, I booked a Greyhound ticket out.  It reminded me of my travels as a kid in DC and Baltimore.  Even before being able to drive, the freedom of hoping on the metro, bus or a train and just going places is quite liberating 🙂

Which reminds me, so I spent only 32 dollars for a found trip ticket, I also looked up other destinations and was very surprised by what I saw.  A ticket to LA would have only cost me 17 dollars round trip, then on to Las Vegas would have only cost me another 17 dollars, also roundtrip.  Hard to believe.  Heck, if I wasn’t looking at real estate next weekend, i’d see more of the state with a bus trip to LA, if only for dinner:)   Add Vegas with the super cheap accomidations right now and you’ve got yourself a nice 4 day weekend trip 🙂  Who needs a car when you have a greyhound:)

Oh yeah, so the 4th in Sacramento with his friends/family.  I arrived early on saturday and we went to Greg’s sisters house for a BBQ, full of good peeps, good food, good music and good beer:)  That night after the fireworks we hit a few clubs and Sunday we hung out at the river and Old Town Sacramento.  Here are a few pics.

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