Prediction: Single Device for Ubiquitous Access

Any computing device that can’t fit in your pocket will be obsolete in >3 years.

Am I crazy?  What am I talking about?  Imagine this, you have a mobile, always connected device like an iPhone, with even more computing power, and faster wireless connectivity to others and to a massive datastore, i.e. virtual network storage of 10 TerraBytes.

When mobile, you can use the device to stream video from your network storage or from a video service like netflix, you can call friends and have a voice or a video call with them, you can check your schedule and invite friends to play basketball or over for dinner, you can receive a reminder from your dentist about your appointment coming up tomorrow.  All this, and you are doing it from anywhere. Continue reading “Prediction: Single Device for Ubiquitous Access”

Get a better interface AND consolidate email accounts

Ok, so if you are like me, you’ve probably got a few email accounts huh?  I have the one which I use for web purchases, one that has a silly name I made when I was in school, one I made so I could use MSN, another that is just old… oh, and there is my Gmail address just because:) Continue reading “Get a better interface AND consolidate email accounts”