Avoiding Development Cruft…

Sometimes in life, even when events start at different times and build at different rates, they still seem to all reach their inflection points together. As if they were the components of a carefully prepared feast, all orchestrated for consumption together.

I’m talking about a pragmatic shift in my view of programming. Let me start by giving you some history. I started professional Java programming back when java 1.2 just came out and I worked for SAIC as a Java programmer doing CORBA work (basically a precursor to SOAP, which was a precursor to REST). Java was a good evolution for me, as my background was in C/C++. I appreciated how programming in Java was faster, yet still had the clean, logical, syntax and expressiveness of C++. Continue reading “Avoiding Development Cruft…”

Managing our Personal Image and our Public Image

This afternoon in a flash of understanding, I realized something profound.  I was talking about relationships, and how important it is that people are open and genuine with each other.  Often people bend the truth, or leave things unsaid when interacting with others whom we like, and who we want to like us back.  We show them the parts of ourselves that we think they will appreciate, and leave out the parts that we think they wont. Continue reading “Managing our Personal Image and our Public Image”

Snow Leopard Experience and Setup

Ok, if you’ve followed Apples’ release of Snow Leopard, you’ve probably heard that that out of the box it defaults to running 32bit, that it’s suppose to have speed enhancements, and that it’s slimmer in size.  It’s all true.  You can boot it into 64 bit by holding command-option-6-4 on bootup, or change your com.apple.boot.plist file.  Even running 32bit mode however, it can still run 64bit apps, infact looking at activity manager, most of the apps running are 64bit regardless of boot mode.  Also, things seems to run faster in 64bit mode.  For example Geekbench ran ~3300 in 32bit, but 3600 in 64bit.  Similar things can be said about other apps. Continue reading “Snow Leopard Experience and Setup”

Advise for Homeowners

If you own a home, you have certainly felt the loss in its value of the last few years.  But, there is a silver lining.  Mortgage escrow for property taxes, and home owners insurance.  While home values have decreased, your payments in those areas has not adjusted as quickly as falling home values, but with two phone calls, you can update them now and make three valuable changes.

Here’s a detailed explanation: Continue reading “Advise for Homeowners”