Compensation vs Contentment

Yesterday I was practicing basketball, partly because I love the sport, and partly because I haven’t played in months but will be playing with a bunch of friends today :). ¬†While shooting, I remembered something I realized long ago, that I do not have much in the way of “natural” basketball traits, in-fact I’m typically the smallest player on the court, and due to an injury as a kid, the cornea of my right eye was scratched, therefore my depth perception is quite poor. The previous effects rebounding, and the later shooting. Both of which are important in a sport like basketball. But, among those I usually play with, i’m typically… in the top 30%. Why is that? Even compared to my brother, who is well suited for basketball, he’s 6′, 210lbs with perfect vision, we match up fairly evenly. The answer is because of a human trait we all have called compensation. Continue reading “Compensation vs Contentment”