Fix for virtual hosts in OS X 10.7, Lion Apache Web Server

(*skip down to ‘Now the problem with Lion’ for the quick problem/solution*)

Yesterday I decided to leave Nginx server and go back to Apache for my primary webserver.  Having upgraded to Lion a few weeks ago, I began a fresh setup of apache.  When setting up other parts of Lion, I remember reading about some Apache server problem, but at the time I wasn’t interested in Apache so I didn’t pay them attention.  Well that certainly changed yesterday when I spent half the day reading numerous posts about Lion and its’ inherent problems with Apache.  Because it was such a common problem, I spent most of my time on complex solutions, however it turned out to be quite simple, albiet a little non-intuitive. Continue reading “Fix for virtual hosts in OS X 10.7, Lion Apache Web Server”

Prediction: Single Device for Ubiquitous Access

Any computing device that can’t fit in your pocket will be obsolete in >3 years.

Am I crazy?  What am I talking about?  Imagine this, you have a mobile, always connected device like an iPhone, with even more computing power, and faster wireless connectivity to others and to a massive datastore, i.e. virtual network storage of 10 TerraBytes.

When mobile, you can use the device to stream video from your network storage or from a video service like netflix, you can call friends and have a voice or a video call with them, you can check your schedule and invite friends to play basketball or over for dinner, you can receive a reminder from your dentist about your appointment coming up tomorrow.  All this, and you are doing it from anywhere. Continue reading “Prediction: Single Device for Ubiquitous Access”

Updated WordPress Image Viewer

Hey Everyone. So I uploaded a few images in some of my other posts and was unhappy with how WordPress showed them. WordPress only gives two two choices, upload the image and have the thumbnail link to just the picture, or to a whole new page with just one picture. Both options have drawbacks. My first thought was to simply have the thumbnail link open a new window, then i remembered the browser warning associated with Javascript opening new windows. So, I’ll just do it the not quite as easy way. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not hard, just not as easy as adding an attribute to the link. Continue reading “Updated WordPress Image Viewer”

So busy, but got pics!

Since I’ve gotten back from my trip, I’ve been crazy busy, but my travel pictures are finally here, well a start anyway. I still need to post more from India, Dubai, and Thailand.

I wrote the code for this photo gallery system from scratch, In the next few days I’ll be adding more functionality, one big bonus is keyboard support. You can change galleries with the right/left arrow keys and change pictures with the up/down keys. Also, to compensate for slower connections, I’ve made a play mode. As soon as the next image is ready it will switch when in play mode. Activate play mode via the ENTER button on the keyboard. Have a look at here. Suggestions are always welcome 🙂