A Reminder That We’re Only as Old as we Think

I had the pleasure of spending my weekend at my brothers house surrounded by great friends and two days of intense sport. We spent sunday playing basketball and afterwards we all chatted about how old we were getting : ) I realized that how I felt wasn’t so much the age, but how long it had been since we played last, yet saying it was “age” was something everyone could agree with and easily understand. Later we talked about success and the importance of “commitment” to goals.

Both of those subjects reminded me of a story in a book I recently read called, “Luck is no Accident.” Since I still have it, I’ll copy the story here in the hopes that it might inspire others. Continue reading “A Reminder That We’re Only as Old as we Think”

Mix It Up, Yet Another Reason to Resist Routine ;)

Earlier today, at the gym, I noticed something that I’d like to share.  Typically my visits to the gym are pretty routine and partly just a diversion from my normal chaotic day.  Usually I hit the recline bike, where I can sit down and pass the time with my iphone and always interesting Civilization app (I’ve beaten this game more times that I can count, but always enjoy it).  I stop after nearly to an hour of pedaling, go shower, then spend 10-15mins in the pool taking laps.

Today, things were a bit different. Continue reading “Mix It Up, Yet Another Reason to Resist Routine ;)”

Compensation vs Contentment

Yesterday I was practicing basketball, partly because I love the sport, and partly because I haven’t played in months but will be playing with a bunch of friends today :).  While shooting, I remembered something I realized long ago, that I do not have much in the way of “natural” basketball traits, in-fact I’m typically the smallest player on the court, and due to an injury as a kid, the cornea of my right eye was scratched, therefore my depth perception is quite poor. The previous effects rebounding, and the later shooting. Both of which are important in a sport like basketball. But, among those I usually play with, i’m typically… in the top 30%. Why is that? Even compared to my brother, who is well suited for basketball, he’s 6′, 210lbs with perfect vision, we match up fairly evenly. The answer is because of a human trait we all have called compensation. Continue reading “Compensation vs Contentment”

Success by Chance?

We are imprisoned by habit, born of: comfort, social norms, repeated behavior, conditioning, and complacency.

Today I thought about two things, one to appreciate what we have at that exact moment, and second to live life to our potential at each moment.

Often we take for granted not only what we have, but also our ability to bring change, our capabilities.  We often function with a day-to-day routine which neither uses the gifts we have, nor expands the boundaries which our daily activities continue to fortify. Continue reading “Success by Chance?”

Is the point of work to hurry up and retire, or to enjoy life as we live it?

I had a discussion with my brother, Peter, and it got me thinking.  Later when explaining things to Isaac, I could hardly believe how obvious it seemed, yet how programed we have been to resist it.

I learned many things in San Francisco, most jewels coming from my experiences at OneTaste.  One lesson was to follow your desire, especially if you hesitate for some useless reason like social norms, public embarrassment, fear of tarnishing your image, etc.  Those reasons just don’t make real sense, however they provide a “safe” sandbox for us to live our lives in. Continue reading “Is the point of work to hurry up and retire, or to enjoy life as we live it?”

Managing our Personal Image and our Public Image

This afternoon in a flash of understanding, I realized something profound.  I was talking about relationships, and how important it is that people are open and genuine with each other.  Often people bend the truth, or leave things unsaid when interacting with others whom we like, and who we want to like us back.  We show them the parts of ourselves that we think they will appreciate, and leave out the parts that we think they wont. Continue reading “Managing our Personal Image and our Public Image”

Advise for Homeowners

If you own a home, you have certainly felt the loss in its value of the last few years.  But, there is a silver lining.  Mortgage escrow for property taxes, and home owners insurance.  While home values have decreased, your payments in those areas has not adjusted as quickly as falling home values, but with two phone calls, you can update them now and make three valuable changes.

Here’s a detailed explanation: Continue reading “Advise for Homeowners”