Macworld 2009

One advantage of being in, arguably, the tech capital of the world, are the conferences.  This week the Moscone center hosted Macworld 2009.  Luckily AOL was a big sponsor so I got free tickets 😉  I’ve been to many conferences last year through my cousins company, and others through AOL, that Macworld didn’t carry much luster to be honest.  It was pretty typical and unfortunately I didn’t have time to visit many of the breakout sessions.  When I heard Apple wasn’t going to participate in next years conference I was shocked, after all, every company/product in attendance was build for or because of Apple.  I feel like they left their main supporters out in the cold.  Unfortunately it feels like Apple has so much going for it, what it can do whatever it wants.  As if they are so far beyond their competitors that they do not need to do the little things, like support trade shows for mac-centric vendors or give iPhone users copy/paste.  Anyway, here are pictures of the conference:

Soapbox race in San Francisco 2008

The big event this weekend was the Soapbox race sponsored by Red Bull in Dolores Park.  There were some 75k people there and 35 soapbox cars.  We got there after maybe the 3-4 car started and I stayed till the end.  There were tons of people there and maybe 4 big displays mirroring the event.  I was able to shoot decent video from a few of them, though the last one didn’t turn out well at all, but was my favorite skit/run put together by the Star War’s team.  Here are a few pictures of the event, along with a video I uploaded to YouTube.

Fleet Week + Burning Man Decompression :)

Last sunday Ron and I walked over to Fleet Week, it’s an airshow at the waterfront that happens ever year.  It ran all week and we often saw and heard planes flying overhead while at work.  Once there, we meet up with another friend Damon, at the marina, who introduced us to some Japanese friends of his who were drinking/cooking on their boat.  Teriyaki beef with mexican beer:P

After picking up Rons car, we went over to the Burning Man Decompression. I’ve always hear friends talk about this desert event and was interested in seeing what BM was all about, albient in the city and a much smaller version:)  Yeap, lots of interesting costumes and pryo :p

Here are some preview pictures (click continue reading for the rest):


So, in preparation for the event on Nov 4th, Shawn got a few of us together for a skirmish on Saturday. It was great to play again, the rush just before the start is great. Once the whistle blows you’re running like mad to your first bunker while paintballs wiz by. Hopefully you’re talking to your teammates and moving in a concerted effort, lots of leapfrogging.
Here are some pics:

From Mercedes to Huffys :)

What a weekend. Things started off on Saturday morning when Linton got to my house to go to the Mercedes C Drive event in DC. Thanks goodness for nav, cause it wasn’t the easiest place to find as Venkat will attest to 🙂 Anyway, there we met up with Pete and Venkat arrived a bit later, but just in time to jump in the last car of our group for the city drive. Basically it was a follow the leader setup where we drove C-class Mercedes, most with AMG engines through DC.

That was fun, but the real excitement came after taking a bus to the second course, an autocross track. After instructions, we all got two laps around a course. The first to get a feel for the track, the second to go all out. I must admit, I wish they has timers like the Mazda event last year, but in all, it was fun (no cones were injured this time 🙂

Sunday a few of use went biking on a trail Lindsay told us about. It was quite tame, but ended in a visit to the park nature center which was quite informative.

Here are some pics: