Stars in Alignment: Last Minute Trip to NYC :)

Ok, so monday I was doing some research at the library when I get a message from a fellow vagabond about a flight deal, this time it was with JetBlue. I walk over to the nearest computer and start looking. The promotion was to celebrate their 10 year anniversary. Any flights on tuesday and wednesday, 10 dollars one-way or 17 roundtrip + taxes/fees. Ok, where to? To maximize the deal, I’d fly out tuesday, and back wednesday. That ruled out long flights like west coast trips. After some thought, I decided on New York City. I hadn’t been there in a while, I wouldn’t need to rent a car, and I wouldn’t spend long on the plane.
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Independance Day in Sacramento

I spend the weekend hanging out with a good friend I met in Colombia who lives just west of me.  Not having my car out here, I booked a Greyhound ticket out.  It reminded me of my travels as a kid in DC and Baltimore.  Even before being able to drive, the freedom of hoping on the metro, bus or a train and just going places is quite liberating 🙂 Continue reading “Independance Day in Sacramento”

My Trip to London

I returned on thursday morning after spending almost a week in the UK. Although it was a short trip, the work / sightseeing mix was just right. The great company also helped. For those of you who didn’t know, the purpose of the trip was the London Book Fair, which my cousin had a booth to represent a new product his company is working on. Due to the size of the fair, apparently the largest book fair in the world, I will dedicate a separate post to it. This post will focus on the sightseeing. Feel free to check out my travel gallery on the right for all my UK pictures.
open top bus
We started the weekend on a open top bus tour where we listened to information via earphones and experienced the brisk London weather.
trafalgar squareThe bus went through the famous Trafalgar Square, which commemorates the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. Lord Nelson stands on the column in the middle surrounded by four lions.
group picture infront of the lionHere is most of the SLC team, that’s me above, my cousin Nitat on the left, followed by Sam, Eric, Nina, and Ann 🙂 I must say thanks to Ann, she was the London native and certainly took care of us while we were there including getting me tickets to a premier league game, Chelsea, ranked #2, against Wigan.
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New Years in Cali…

club1club2Where do I start : ) Well the night before I was out practicing my salsa at a local club.
I must admit, these pictures were taken with my cell phone, hence the poor quality 🙂 Hey, you’ve gotta make the best with what you’ve got right? ; )

On New Years I went over a friends house and had a great time, thanks Ximena! Let me start by contrasting the experience with New Years back in the states. Rather then spending it with just family and friends, everyone goes outside and celebrates it with the entire neighborhood. Lots of drinks, dancing, meeting interesting people from down the street and a great tradition.
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Bogota Day 3

On my last full day in Bogota, my friends and I decided to conquer the Cerro De Monserrate. This was the mountain just behind the area we stayed in the La Candelaria district. There are three ways up the mountain, cable car, rail, or in foot. Jessica and I decided to hike it, while everyone else took the cable car. Besides my daily Salsa lessons I hardly had any excercise on the trip so I was eager to let loose on the hike. That was at the start anyway 🙂 I soon realized just how much of a factor the high altitude can be. The base was 2600m and 3160m at the top. On the way up we passed many others coming down. I later realized most people take the cable car up, and walk down. Continue reading “Bogota Day 3”